A French Pastry in Best Form

Recently I visited the newest French addition to the Upper East Side, and it was wonderful in all its brick and mortar glory!  Now we have a shop that exclusively makes and sells the fantastic French pastry from Bordeaux called canelés. 

Storefront of Canelé by Céline

What is a canelé? 

A canelé is a French pastry, baked in a mold, with a soft, tender custard center and a dark, caramelized crust. Originally, it was created in a convent in Bordeaux (the Southwest of France) in the late 17th century. In a few years, many bakeries have been introducing the canele into their stores. Finally more of this delightful delicacy has made its way to our shores and into our stomachs. However, the best kind can be found here at Canelé by Céline.

Canelé by Céline

Canelé by Céline was started by Céline Legros, a business lawyer from Paris who had a huge passion for cooking. After leaving the corporate world, she started her own catering business where she created and sold tasty French pastries - mini and full-size canelés, and financiers. Her canelés were a hit with renowned chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten.  Céline has reinvented the classic recipe by using her own take on it while introducing unique flavors. 

When I visited the new shop, I picked up a box of all the available sweet canelé flavors available that day as well as three of the four savory selections.  

Canelé by Céline

The Canelé tower of greatness

Canelé by Céline

Mini canelés in Vanilla (the classic & my favorite, not pictured) Orange Blossom, Orange, and Lemon

Canelé by Céline

More minis in Rum, Pistachio, Rose Water, and Dark Chocolate

Savory canelés

The Savory Selection: Truffle (made with black truffles from Truffes Plantin), Parmesan, Basil Pesto, and Chorizo

Each savory caneléis a mini meal in a bite! My favorite is the truffle. It’s rich in flavor and leaves you wanting more. The truffle is available in the larger size canelé as are all flavors. If you wanted to order for a special event or occasion, your selection can be customized. Bring to these to your next party or get-together with friends, family, or work, and you’ll make a good impression.

Canelé by Céline

I wasn’t able to bring home any of the mini financiers, but they were tempting!  The flavors here are PInk Praline, Walnut, Plain, and Chocolate Chip.  On my next visit, I’ve got to grab these to go.  

If you’re a fan of French food, sweets, and everything French (like me!), you must stop by Canelé by Céline.  Everything is freshly baked daily, and it’s open 7 days a week. It may be in the land far, far away that is the Upper East Side (haha!), but it’s a trek that is absolutely worth it.

Canelé by Céline
400 E 82nd Street, New York, NY 10028
(between 1st & York Avenues)
(646) 678-4124

Visit online athttps://canelebyceline.com/