Sushi-ro -- Kanayama, Nagoya

Ohhhh, sushi.

We all love it and wish we could eat it everyday.  Back home, conveyor belt sushi (kaiten-zushi) is not common and quite pricey, isn’t it?

At around $4.99 or probably even a bit more these days (thanks inflation) for the least expensive plate, sushi everyday is wishful thinking.  I’ve been to this place several times since my co-worker brought me here. Now, introducing…

Sushi-ro!! Here, you can enjoy maki and nigiri, all at 105 yen a plate.  Regardless of plate color, the price is the same and quality is good.

Enjoy your fatty tuna, crab mayonnaise salad, eel, salmon, scallops, you name it —- each for 105.  For rolls, there are 4 pieces a plate (cut, of course).  For nigiri, there are 2 pieces or 1 depending upon the grade of fish.



Above: Eel


Above: Tuna, Scallops, and Tuna Nigiri


Above: Yukke nigiri

If you want fruit, slices of watermelon and cantaloupe come around in slices - one per place at about 280 yen or more. I forget since I never order!

Various parfaits and puddings can be ordered with the call button at every table and at that counter. Each are 210 yen.