Pierre Marcolini - Midland Square - Meieki, Nagoya

This sleek and elegant Belgian cafe has mature as it is posh. There are only 4 locations in Japan - 2 in Tokyo, 1 in Haneda Airport, and the last in Nagoya. Lucky for me!

This chocolatier is well-known in Europe, especially in Belgium where it originated from, and around the world. There’s only 1 location in NYC. Again, lucky for me when I return home!

The shop has its own small and cozy cafe with dim lights and aroma of fresh coffee and tea brewing. It’s located in the B1F of the Midland Square building conveniently a 10-minute walk from my apartment.

I was able to stop by before I saw “The Dark Knight” since I went on a weekday afternoon in July (off-day from work), and thank goodness there was no 50m line outside as there usually is on weekends.


I decided on a Cake set with some strong black coffee. Let me tell you that the cake was sure delight! The richness of the flavor and the perfect chewiness of the Gateau Chocolat can be expressed best after trying it for yourself.  The cake itself is sweet and bitter, but it balances out just right.

If I remember correctly, for this set, it was 1,470 yen that being the least expensive on the menu. It might seem pricey but it was worth it! They also sell and serve their chocolates and other treats t drink with champagne and wine of your choice.

Though I wouldn’t recommend getting yourself inebriated or being pleasantly buzzed midday during your lunch break, but by all means, try it out at another appropriate time. I have yet to try their chocolates, but I’m sure they’re as delicious as their cake!