Juchheim -- Sakae, Nagoya

It was my first time although I’ve passed by the cafe several times since I’ve been in Nagoya.  I decided to take my afternoon break here (more like my late lunch!)

Juchheim is patissier founded in 1921. Originally from Germany,  this German patissier now has branches found only exclusively in Japan. (America needs more European cafes/patissiers like this!)


The “Schwartzver-something…”  Name was too long.

** 735 yen (tax incld.) **

A dedacant and rich, sweet yet slightly tarty vanilla/chocolate parfait with layers of cherries topped with fluffy cream, a drizzle of chocolate syrup and a sprig of mint at the top. It was the perfect treat for a sweltering 98-degree summer day!


The Nagoya-Sakae cafe/shop at nighttime.

Besides desserts and cakes, they also serve German-style foods. You can also purchase other pastries and treats from Juchheim.  I’ve found branch shops around my area here.  I did buy my Christmas cake last December from here!