Brunch at Its Best

When you decide to brunch at Jane, you MUST make a reservation in advance (I’d say at least 2-3 days) since they fill up quickly or you’ll end up waiting at least 45 min to an hour (depending) to eat.

Located in northern SoHo and the beginning of Greenwich Village, Jane is a very lively restaurant with cozy seating (tables are quite close) and commendable service.  I visited in October 2011 with high expectations. With few last minute requests such adding/subtracting/re-adding extra guests at my table, the host & hostess were very accommodating despite the busy brunch rush and my indecisiveness at the moment.

The brunch menu is quite extensive and creative!  You’ll find the usual brunch cocktails to complement your meal. 

Photos from top, and left to right:

  • Benedict Johnny *
  • Classic Eggs Benedict
  • Country Breakfast with Grits
  • Vanilla Challah French Toast *
  • Salmon Scramble

Recommended to try

100 W Houston St.
(between Laguardia Pl. & Thompson St.) 
New York, NY 10012
(212) 254-7000

For menus & info, visit: