Unwind in LES at this Chill French Wine Bar

I always tease my sister about hanging out in the Lower East Side whenever she’s in the city. It seems like she happens to be there the times she tells me stories of her outings with friends. Coincidentally when I called her that Saturday evening, she happened to be there. She asked me to meet up with her and friend, so I went. On that one rainy day in October, I came to encounter the comforting wine bar that is Jadis.

Once I arrived at Jadis, I was immediately taken by its charming and cozy ambiance. The bacon-wrapped scallops were enticing, and without hesitation we ordered it.  From my own experience, meat, fish, cheese, and fruit wrapped in bacon will dazzle your taste buds, and make you believe that bacon is king. I feel that bacon possess the ability to  transform ordinary tastes into the extraordinary.  I exaggerate a bit.

Slightly hungrier than the rest, I tried the Quiche au Poulet.  It could have had more of a kick to it in terms of the taste, and the texture could have been firmer. Overall, I thought it was pleasant dish. 

To satisfy the last bit of hunger and close the meal, we ordered a Banana Chocolate Pudding, Creme Brulee, and a Chocolat Fondant; those were all the desserts on the menu that evening. We might have slightly overdone it with the desserts, but who wants to leave a void like that in one’s dining experience? Of the three, I thought the banana chocolate pudding was the best. The vanilla ice cream and strawberries were complemented the chunky consistency of the banana pudding ideally. The other two you can find them as standard selections on typical restaurant and cafe dessert menus.  The creme brulee and chocolat fondant were delightful though there was nothing phenomenal about them.

Wine.  How could I forget about thee? I spotted a familiar name on the wine list - Tempranillo. I’ve drank this kind before and was curious about the one Jadis featured. Taking the recommendation of our server, we chose the 2009 “Valderiz” Valderhermoso Tempranillo. This wine is similar to that from Rioja since it comes from the neighboring region of Ribero del Duero. That’s what the waiter/somm(?) told us. (It’s true!)  It’s versatile; it did not overpower the flavors or interfere with taste the foods we ate. Tempranillo is a full-bodied wine that I find easy to drink. I’d enjoy drinking it on its own.

The atmosphere in the evening was boisterous and not the least bit rowdy. Area-wise, there was warm and dim lighting - a small, single candle illuminated each table and nook at the bar. I liked it. The only downside was the lack of available wait staff. Considering it was a Saturday evening, the place was packed, one bartender and three waiters, (one of the waiters also played host to entering guests) aren’t sufficient to keep things running smoothly and in a timely manner.  Perhaps it was only that night that the service was sluggish, but that didn’t affect my mood negatively.

I’m already anticipating another visit to Jadis.  Their wine list looked promising!

After that evening, I told my sister that her “favorite” NYC neighborhood left me with a good, lasting impression. She may have been somewhat amused.

42 Rivington St. (bet. Eldridge & Forsyth)
New York, NY 10002
(212) 254-1675