"In a World of Cheese, All is Right"

I was invited to attend the “Summer Fancy Food Show” presented by Cheeses of France on June 30th with my sister near the Jacob Javits Center at the 404 event space. Since we were eager to learn more about the exotic French cheeses we love to eat, our encounter with various selections of familiar and unknown cheeses impressed us!  

During the event, we had the opportunity to try several delicious French wines from Crozes-Hermitage, Cotes du Rhone and Languedoc-Roussillon regions and more.  There were also French fruit beverages available to pair with the several cheese selections.   I came across a smoky cheese, St. Agur and a very unique & savory Cranberry Roule.  These two were the most memorable!

The most interesting part of the event that evening were the recipes to upgrade American comfort foods like sliders, grilled cheese sandwiches including your standard mac and cheese. Instead of your regular American cheese, you can switch it up with gruyere when making a grilled cheese sandwich. Even Comte cheese makes plain mac & cheese all the more exciting and tasty!   

After savoring and indulging in many rounds of cheese, fruit, wine, French cheese improved comfort foods, and more cheese + wine, we reached our limit for the night and sadly, had to call it quits.  I wish we stayed till the very end, but our stomachs weren’t as large as our ambitious appetites!  We definitely learned a great deal about cheese and their appropriate pairing that we previously had known. I am proud to say that I’ll be able to identify my favorite types of cheese when I’m and about.  The language of cheese…I’ve finally come to understand you better now. Merci beaucoup and bon appétit!

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For the full set of the “Summer Fancy Food Show” event, please visit my Flickr here: http://flic.kr/s/aHsjHLr9UC