Where to go for the Best Japanese Hot Pot

One of my absolute favorite places to dine at in all of NYC, Hakata TonTon is a Japanese hot pot restaurant that serves specialty dishes from Hakata, a region in Western Japan - savory pork dishes, sushi, and more.  Regardless of the season, a steaming, savory and delicious “Hakata Tonton” hot pot (their classic stew dish) will satisfy your hunger and please your palate.  It also warms your soul and the collagen broth is great for your skin!

The photos above are from a summer visit in August 2011 with my sister.  Featured are the classic Hakata Tonton hot pot with collagen broth, tofu, dumplings, vegetables, Berkshire pork belly & Tonsoku a.k.a. pig’s feet (good for two people), fresh Sapporo beer, homemade black sesame ice cream and special strawberry amaou (a Hakata delicacy) ice cream with wagashi (a Japanese traditional sweet). 

For first timers, and if you eat pork especially, you must order the Hakata Tonton hot pot. You can opt to add rice or ramen noodles to eat with the remaining broth.  It’s great if you’re a big eater or are craving either of the two. 

Hakata Tonton is a small, casual restaurant with great, friendly service that I suggest you make reservations for about a week in advance. The tables fill up quickly, but there have been times I’ve called them day of and was told to show up right at opening time, 6PM, and was lucky to snag two seats! It’s possible to show up without a reservation if you have to…with a small party (two), just make sure to be there 15 minutes before opening if you have to that or good luck waiting. 

All in all, I <3 Hakata Tonton, and I’m always in the mood to go and eat there! 博多トントン大好きだよ!

Hakata TonTon
61 Grove St.
New York, NY 10014
(212) 242-3699

Check out their website for the menu: