A Cozy Dining Den with Rich, Latin Flavors

Comodo / 58 Macdougal Street, New York, NY 10012

It’s a little challenging to find a restaurant that doesn’t only serve a brunch menu on the weekends in NYC especially in SoHo.  When you wake up late on a Saturday after a long evening of social gatherings and venture out around 3PM, you’re trapped in the “awkward dining period” from 3PM-5PM.  Restaurants are either closed in preparation for dinner service or will only serve drinks at the bar. Most establishments start brunch at 10AM and end around 2PM or 3PM. However, there are some exceptions that last till 5PM and then immediately commence dinner service afterwards. 

Luckily, I dropped by Comodo (a supper club turned restaurant) in the former Salt Restaurant space on Macdougal Street. The food at Comodo is Latin-American inspired, and the interiors were cozy. Since they serving brunch until 4PM, the boyfriend and I were thrilled when they welcomed us with open arms. I had read many raving reviews before coming here and have been eager to try their dishes. 

Our server was very nice! He helped us decipher the menu and made excellent recommendations.  In addition to the food menu, there is a wine and cocktails list as well as freshly squeezed grapefruit and orange juices. I wonder how lunch and dinner would be like there next time. 

The first dish above is the “Calentado” Duck Fat Fried Rice.  Duck lovers will want to try this!  The comforting mix of duck breast and fried rice topped off with an egg is a hearty and fulfilling combination of deliciousness. This was very enjoyable and filling. 

Next, the “Poached Egg On A Pao de Queijo” was what I had.  The Pao de Quiejo is a type of Mexican bread, and it was my first time tasting it. The dish appeared to be a new type of “Eggs Benedict,” except the egg was poached and possibly quail, and it was prepared with avocado, chipotle cream sauce, and chorizo (my addition). The egg? Perfectly poached. Absolutely fantastic. On the side, diced butternut squash accompanied my meal. I thought it was very savory and satisfying (as the portions were just right). 

Not pictured…unfortunately, I wasn’t able to snap the appetizers we had or the dessert (since my iPhone 4 Pudding photo app failed me this time, I and forgot my regular camera again, sorry). To start, we ordered the “Four C Chicharron”(three pieces) which was made with chipotle, chorizo, and chuleta on toasted chihuahua cheese. What is chihuahua cheese? Cannot recall its description? This dish was unlike anything we’ve ever had, and it was remarkable.  Our dessert was the churros and chocolate.  Dipping the fresh, piping hot churros into an espresso cup filled with melted dark chocolate was a tasty finish to our meal. As I’m writing this, I can still recall the taste, textures, and flavors of that dish.  

Comodo is yet another promising restaurant  where I’ll definitely make a return visit.