A Visit to Riverpark

For mid-September, the weather was still nice enough despite the evening chill but it still made a pleasant night for dinner here.  Riverpark serves no frills, modern American cuisine even though the atmosphere might seem that way with ingredients sourced from local farms and its own urban farm located next door. 

For the first course we chose the grilled quail to share. It was prepared with summer melons, baby fennel, and acacia honey glaze.  What excellent flavors! The acacia honey glaze was something I've never encountered before, and it gave the quail a nice touch of sweetness. The kitchen actually served it to us on two separate plates for easy dining.  How thoughtful of them!

Grilled Quail to share!

Next was the pasta course! We decided on two of the small servings of these dishes since the ingredients seemed more interesting and were not something that we ordered as of late elsewhere.  You can choose a small dish or a larger dish (two different prices) if you want it as a started plate or main course.

Cavatelli with smoked lamb.

Here we had the cavatelli with smoked lamb, shishito peppers, corn, and tarragon.  The flavor of the lamb did not overpower the sweetness of the corn and peppers.  Although the pasta was a bit too firm for my taste, I still enjoyed it very much.

The brisket ravioli we selected as our second pasta was a winning dish! How could you resist the tenderness and heartiness of the this slow cooked pork wonder? It was absolutely amazing. Wish we had more of this, but of course we had to leave space for the main courses, dessert, and more wine.

Brisket Ravioli was a tease, but what a good palate tease!

Now for the main course, my boyfriend chose the Grilled New York Strip Steak (major steak lover he is!), and I went for the Heritage Berkshire Pork Chop.  While his medium-rare steak was juicy and pretty much perfect of a steak of that caliber, I have to say that my pork chop was the better dish of the two. It was quite a large hunk of meat to tackle!  The meat was so tender and succulent. With the collards, grilled peaches, cipollini onions, and thyme, it was a complete A+! 

Grilled NY Strip Steak with heirloom tomatoes, chanterelle mushrooms, basil, balsalmic vinegar, and bordelaise (sauce)

Heritage Berkshire Pork Chop - it was massive, and yep, I totally ate it all.

Dinner would not be complete without a proper dessert. We ordered the frozen s'mores, because we were curious about the presentation as well as the taste.

Not what you imagined what s'mores would look like. A work of art, really!

The verdict: Fantastic! Wonderful! Amazing! This dessert consists of a toasted marshmallow semifreddo, milk chocolate ganache, and a raspberry-rose sorbet on the side.  Thought you'd see some graham crackers, did you?  I found out that the pastry chef here, Geoff Koo, is the SAME Geoff Koo who held that position at PRINT restaurant.  Glad to enjoy his delicious creations at Riverpark as I savored them at PRINT.  

Would I return? Of course.  My first encounter was Craftbar in Flatiron which I highly recommend for brunch and dinner.  Tom Collichio is a excellent chef/restauranteur, and I would love to try the food at his other acclaimed restaurants.