Lemon Garlic Chicken w/Cherry Tomatoes & Corn

Serves 6.

I found this recipe on the New York Times, and it was great that it's an easy and healthy dish to make for dinner!  I realized I didn't have any chicken breast in the freezer, so I used chicken tenderloins instead. Six pieces came in the package, so after defrosting them I just cooked all of the pieces. One person could actually eat two or three pieces, because they're relatively small in size.  You could save the other pieces for a packed lunch the next day or even leftovers.

Unfortunately, I ran out of parmesan cheese and wine (shock, I know!), so I excluded that from the list of ingredients. They help with the seasoning but without them, the chicken and tomatoes are still juicy and full of flavor. Sometimes you have to improvise! 

If you choose to use chicken breast or tenderloins, you'll need a meat tenderizer for this.

After an epic summer barbeque at my cousin's and excess amounts of tasty grilled food, the corn my family brought over was left untouched so we brought some back, and I added the cooked ones to this meal.  Good alternative to the usual fluffy white rice I have. It's easy and fun especially if you've never used a meat tenderizer before. It was my first time, so I got little carried away and almost flattened all of the chicken. Anyway, I hope you enjoy making this!

Recipe from the New York Times here.