Teas to Tempt the Heart

Just for Valentine’s Day, my favorite premium French tea purveyor, Palais des Thés, has created a special gift to share with you and your loved ones. So I popped into the SoHo flagship store on Prince Street over the weekend to check out gift set and the festive display with some friends and had them taste the new teas. 

Palais des Thés for Valentine's Day

The “LOVERS - tea miniature set” (Thé des Amants) is an exclusive limited edition blend created by Palais des Thés that comes with miniature tins of black, green and rooibos tea, and a box of pink cane sugar hearts. Each tea has romantic hints of almond, apple, cinnamon, and vanilla, and warm notes of ginger.

Although I enjoyed all of the teas in this set, I love, love, love the Thé des Amants black tea.The strong taste of the black tea is beautifully complemented by notes of apple, almond, and cinnamon, the latter of which adds just the perfect amount of spice.  I’ve been having a great time quenching my thirst with these enchanting teas since they've been released late January. They’re optimal to drink throughout the day and they’ll seduce your taste buds too.  I suggest starting with the black for a caffeine boost in the mornings (or when you’re losing energy in the early afternoon), go with green for moderate energy for the rest of the day, and end with rooibos in the evening since it contains zero caffeine to disrupt your slumber.

With this winter’s snowy weather and chilling temperatures, these playful teas will definitely warm you up especially during the cold nights when you feel like staying in hanging out with your loved one over Netflix and Seamless or cuddling with your adorable pet.  

Palais des Thés for Valentine's Day

If you’re a tea lover like moi and want to try something new, I recommend you visit PalaisdesThés and pick up this limited edition set before Valentine’s Day for all the people you love who love tea. Very good tea.  You’ll enjoy this sensual and delicious surprise that brings new meaning to "love potion."

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"LOVERS - tea miniature set" (Thé des Amants), $27

Available now online at Palais des Thes, and in-stores:

Online at 

SoHo: 156 Prince Street
(between West Broadway & Thompson Sts)
Mon-Sat. 10am-8pm, Sun. 10am-7pm
 (646) 513 4369

Upper West Side - Lincoln Square 
194 Columbus Avenue
(between 68th & 69th Sts).
Mon-Sat. 10am-8pm, Sun. 11am-7pm
(646) 664 1902