Café du Ciel - JR Central Towers: Meieki, Nagoya

Cafe du Ciel is on the 51F of the JR Central Towers complex part of Nagoya Station. The Central Towers has two restaurant floors - on the 12th and 13th.  From the 13th floor, you can access the elevator that takes you up to the 51F where the Panorama Lounge and three other restaurants, one of which is a French restaurant, are situated.

There are daily lunch and afternoon tea sets. As for dinner, I think they serve a few varieties of pasta from their regular menu. Then again, it’s a cafe and people would rather have their dinner elsewhere.


Coaster ^


^ Corn Potage


Baked Salmon & Asparagus Doria, Lunch Set


Darjeeling Tea

(choice of drink included in set lunch)

* All for 1,575 yen *

My only complaint was that my waitress didn’t bring my Darjeeling Tea in time after I finished my meal as they do in every restaurant and cafe regardless of the place, upscale or everyday.  Even though it was already 2PM and afternoon tea was just starting, how about the customers already there who are the priority as we have been waiting there already before the new ones. I almost missed my train to return to work! Once she brought it over,  I had to gulf down the STILL scalding tea after waiting and inquiring about it for 20 minutes after my meal while she kept telling me to wait shortly it’ll be out in a mintue. Well that 1 minute was 10 minutes before I had to jump into 2 elevators to reach the 1st floor from the 51st and then rush to the station adjacent and fly down the stairs to hop onto the limited express.

Maybe I’m already used to service here being top-notch every where I go. I wonder if I’ll go nuts waiting when I’m back home?


Regardless of that unsatisfactory moment, here’s the seating area adjacent to mine but the same - there are also window seats overlooking the Nagoya Station area. Wonderful view.  Even better at nighttime.