A Coffee Haven in Chelsea

This isn’t your ordinary cafe.  It's superior to Starbucks, The Coffee Bean, and any other major chain that mass produces and overprices average coffee. No frou-frou, milk frothed , artificially flavored, or sugary drinks here.  Welcome to an artisan place makes coffee for you in its purest and most ideal form.

Welcome to Blue Bottle

Nestled on 15th Street between 9th and 10th Avenue, Blue Bottle Coffee (originally from San Francisco) offers top quality coffee from all over the world and uses several different methods to achieve the perfect brew. At this Chelsea HighLine outpost, there are two levels where you can enjoy your coffee.  On the main floor, you can order black coffee, cappuccinos, lattes, and such made with finest coffee beans, but the BEST place for the ultimate coffee drinking experience is upstairs on the second floor.  There’s a full bar that uses a fancy espresso machine, chemex, pour over, nel, and cold drip tools to brew coffee, and most importantly, it features the siphon coffee maker

So, what is a siphon? 

According to the CoffeeGeek, the siphon is “a vacuum coffee maker (that) works on the principle of expansion and contraction of gases - actually one gas, water vapour - is what allows the device to brew a full infusion style of coffee and filter the grounds efficiently, leaving a generally clean, pristine cup.” It’s made of glass and is heated over a gas, electric, stovetop, or cloth-wick alcohol burner.  

I've been looking for a place in New York that uses the siphon to make coffee  ever since I've moved back from Japan. Thanks to the Coffee Shop Map and Google, I was able to find this neighborhood gem.


The Menu, Ethiopia Nekisse Red Coffee, and a Special Tea Brew as a "non-alcoholic apertif"

Preparing the siphon - all equipment made in and imported from Japan

You'll enjoy the offerings at the coffee bar above the main seating area, because there's always something new.  Every so often, about two weeks or more, the coffee selections on the menu are changed.  This allows you to taste a variety of rich and complex brews in a multitude of ways.  Each category presents a brewing method that brings out the best flavors and aromas of the different coffee beans.  Here, you can sip your coffee the way you like to -- pretentiously or proudly, and in "private."  By "private," I mean that the area can only sit up to 10 people comfortable.  I guess that also makes for intimate and cozy surroundings. 

Left: The perfect brew in action

Right: The Result - complex, light, and refreshing flavors of  hibiscus, grapefruit, and cherry

Coffee geeks, snobs, lovers, and curious newbies, come forth and gather! Blue Bottle Coffee is your answer to a great cup, flask, mug, or shot of joe.

Pot and glass of Nekisse Red Coffee and glass of water to cleanse the palate

No one on the outside is judging us as harshly as we judge each other, but why does that matter? We come here for one reason. We share a common interest - our love for pristine coffee